We have the responsibility to maintain the road and footpath network during all types of adverse weather conditions, including snow, ice, and flooding.

Every winter we treat hundreds of miles of roads and footways to combat the effects of bad weather. The normal period of operation extends from 31st October - 1st April.

Our Winter Service Policy 2018-19 outlines which routes will be treated as a priority.  

Using our maps 

To zoom in and out use + – or the mouse scroll wheel, the ‘Home’ button will reset the map to its default view. Using the address search will take you to that address, street or location. >> to expand the map legend and will allow, where applicable, detail layers to be switched on and off. If a map has more than one layer, choose >> to view what each symbol means. Choosing an item in the map will give you information about that item.

Carriageway Gritting Map


Carriageway Gritting Map

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