In order for us to meet our responsibility of maintaining the Road Network and ensuring the safety of all those who use it, certain regulations, restrictions and limits need to be applied in the form of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs).


Speed limits are applied to all roads, certain weight limits are in a place where necessary and restrictions on the movements of abnormal loads are also in place.  TROs for parking/waiting restrictions are also in place throughout the Council Area.

It is important that all of these various regulations, restrictions and limits are enforced so as to allow for a maximum possible use of the network. In addition to this, the safety of all road users and pedestrians is paramount when applying these regulations and limits.


The Stirling Council (Various Footways and Footpaths) (Redetermination of Means of Exercise of Public Right of Passage) (Consolidation and Amendment No 17) Order 2019

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Objection period expires 20-11-19  


The Stirling Council (Electric Vehicle On-Street Parking) (Revocation) Order 2019

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Allan Park

Baker Street

Barnton Street

Broad Street

Cowane Street

Glebe Avenue

Maxwell Place

Wallace Street

Objection period expires 16-10-19  


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